Hanssen – Transit

Irritatingly only realised physically on cassette* (although thankfully also digital), this is Hanssen‘s follow-up to the excellent Seven Years Week from 2014. Transit is a little more lively and beat-driven than its predecessor but retains the same dense, kinetic electronic style, which I love. I think the influence of minimalists, such as Steve Reich, on the dance music world are so clear here, with busy, intricate patterns and rhythms repeating, overlapping and intersecting with each other. My only criticism, as with last time, is that it’s all over too quickly!

*(seriously, can this particular hipster phase die out now, please? I mean, I get the vinyl thing – they may be expensive but they do have a certain warmth of sound and the large packaging allows for the artwork to be displayed nicely – but cassettes really had no redeeming features beyond homemade mixtapes.)