C Duncan – The Midnight Sun

C Duncan‘s excellent debut album, Architect, somehow fell between 2015 and 2016 for me, and didn’t make it onto my 2015 list, although it might well have done so in retrospect. This follow up came remarkably swiftly but doesn’t seem to be compromised in quality in any way. You can hear his classical training in his tasteful but also rich approach to harmony, and his melodies have a curious old-fashioned quality to them, as if they have been in a time capsule since the 1930s, before rock ‘n’ roll was invented. On The Midnight Sun his self-produced accompaniment is almost purely electronic, a dreamlike sheen of synths with some lovely minimalist arpeggiated motifs. He imbues it with just enough energy to keep things bouncing along until the gentle lullaby-waltz of closing number Window.