Hammock – Everything and Nothing

How had I not heard of Hammock before 2016? Here is a band entering their second decade of making music, with at least seven albums under their belt, whose blend of slow motion post rock and shoegaze is an absolute perfect fit for me. I am amazed that I had never picked up on them, and that no-one had recommended them to me before, unromantically, this popped up via Amazon’s recommendation engine. On the plus side, it meant that I have had 10 years plus of back catalogue to explore! Anyway, Everything and Nothing is their most recent album and a great introduction into their distinctive and highly consistent sound. In a nutshell, its a gorgeous veil of slowly unfurling reverb-soaked guitar, strings and voices. Alternatively, like Stars Of The Lid sped up so that the tempo is actually recognisable. I’m still enjoying exploring their back catalogue but this album remains my favourite.