Caribou – Our Love

Caribou - Our Love

Late entry! I’ve been following this guy on and off since back in 2001 (when he went by Manitoba, before a petty law-suit forced him to change moniker). He’s adapted his style a fair bit along the way, to fair critical acclaim but I’d often found it a little too ramshackle and muddy in tone. This album brings him back almost full circle to his early purely electronic work, except that his experiences along the way have added the vocabulary of house music to his repertoire. I think it’s by far his best album yet, with a focus and clarity that he hasn’t displayed before. There’s something restrained about these tracks – as if the foot is hovering over the dance floor but not quite stepping onto it – but they’re not half-hearted, either, and it’s easy to see how several of them could work very well in a club atmosphere. The best of both worlds, then; danceable and listenable!