So here we are: my top 10 of the year. I’m not going to rank them in order 1-10 but instead of doing ‘in no particular order’, they will be in alphabetical order by the second letter of the artist’s name.

And that brings, first up:

Hanssen – Seven Years Week

Hanssen - Seven Years Week

I’d never heard of this guy before but a chance read of a Pitchfork review one tired morning caught my attention. Their reviewer didn’t go completely nuts for it but the way he described it sounded like it might be my thing – probably by comparing it to Emeralds (RIP), one of my favourites of the last few years, and using the phrase “surprisingly dense ambient music“. And it turned out to be very much my thing. I would describe this sound as pure electronic – divorced from any significant trends or fashions in electronic/dance music and just revelling in the sounds, textures and melodies that synthesisers and samplers can create. There are a few vocal snippets in there, often stretched and disembodied, R’n’B singers bereft of their usual context. The Pitchfork review also highlights the “brevity“, as they put it – for them it was a positive but for me I could easily drift in these electronic worlds for much longer.

Available to stream and download here: