Mark McGuire – The Instinct

Well, I had to get one of Mark McGuire‘s tracks in here, really. I’m trying to be patient in waiting for the UK/US release of his new album, Along The Way, which has been out in Japan, of all places, for months. The weird world of music distribution – I don’t pretend to understand why they would think it worth releasing over there but not here, but never mind. Anyway, this was released as a single/EP off it. I don’t usually like to buy/listen to singles off albums, as it ruins their impact on the album, but I was so keen to hear the new stuff I couldn’t resist. This is typically excellent and couples his usual looped and layered guitar sounds with synthesisers and even a thumping beat as it hits its triumphant climax. There’s something new-age about it all, not in a naive or deliberately retro fashion but in a ‘just go with it’ kind of way.