(The Disappointments…not a bad name for a band, that…)

Thankfully I didn’t notice an alarming number of disappointments this year (such as those that led me to write the original post last year) – however, there will always be one or two albums that don’t live up to my expectations (perhaps not their fault, perhaps!) and so here’s my cathartic round-up of those.

Neon Neon – Praxis Makes Perfect – I’ll just link to my review at the time, which still sums up my feelings about this album.

Deerhunter – Monomania – this is possibly slightly unfair on Deerhunter, as I don’t think this is a bad album objectively – it certainly garnered a lot of positive reviews – it just wasn’t the side of Deerhunter I like.

Sigur Ros – Kveikur – sadly a repeat appearance in this list for Sigur Ros. Again, not a terrible album, per se, just forgettable and that’s a sad thing from a band who have an album (Takk) that would be comfortably in my Top 5 Of All Time. I just think it’s time they did something new.

Blondes – Swisher – I really enjoyed Blondes’ decidedly ‘indie’ take on house music on their debut collection of EPs, released in 2012. I was quite excited at the prospect of their first proper album but on Swisher they just seemed to get lost in dry, gloomy rhythms with little or no space for light or melody.