So, one cycle ends, the next begins. Back round to where it all began etc. etc. Today marks the first birthday of this blog. I have enjoyed what is essentially quite a self-indulgent venture and have been pleased to see one or two visitors popping in now and then. It isn’t breaking any records for readership but certain features have proved more popular than others, though this may be as much related to time of day and week that the posts are put up, as to the content itself. (EDIT – yes, a quick search turns up all sorts of stats on when to post.)

The monthly album round-ups haven’t seemed especially popular (and besides it’s often difficult to formulate a genuine opinion after such a short time), so I may not continue them in that form. Perhaps highlighting individual ones as I go along?

However, what kicked it all off, the round-up of 2012, did seem to catch people’s attention and is something I like to do anyway, so I’ll be repeating it this year with sections on:

5 individual Tracks Of The Year

Disappointments Of The Year

Honourable Mentions

10 Albums Of The Year

…stay tuned, pop pickers!