Volcano Choir – Repave

Here’s Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame (plus appearances on Kanye West albums, of all things!) teaming up with members of lesser-known post-rock band Collections of Colonies of Bees. Basically post-rock with singing, which Sigur Ros have shown can be done quite effectively.

Steve Hauschildt – S/H

Steve Hauschildt of (sadly now defunct) Emeralds is a synth/drone experimentalist and gets his own ‘remastered retrospective’ here on Editions Mego, a la (former) bandmate Mark McGuire‘s fantastic A Young Person’s Guide To in 2011. This is drifty, impressionistic ambient music and there’s an enormous amount to take in across the two discs – nearly two and a half hours’ worth.

Trentemøller – Lost

Anders Trentemøller‘s debut album, The Last Resort, remains one of my favourite electronic albums, a virtuoso but, crucially, thematically-consistent set of wintry techno. His follow up, Into The Great Wide Yonder was bewilderingly different, all over the place stylistically and without enough strong tracks to carry the weaker ones (weird surf-rock-techno-freak-outs). Lost bridges the gap between the two approaches quite effectively, although it still only occasionally touches his best and suffers from a surfeit of guest vocalists. He’s clearly a highly talented producer but he needs to decide whether he’s a vocalist’s accompanist or the main attraction.