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August 2013

The Five-Star Tour – Bent

Bent – Sing Me (2004)

Taken from the gorgeous 2004 album Ariels (which may well be one of my favourite albums ever), this is aural ecstasy. Slow, yet somehow upbeat at the same time, there are so many beautiful layers to this arrangement, starting with the fantastic cut-and-decay string chords at the start…


Albums Of: July

μ-Ziq – Chewed Corners

Bold, bright and inventive. I’d go as far as to say this is Mike Paradinas‘s most accessible album in his μ-Ziq guise. There’s none of the abrasive snarl of some of his work, replaced instead with technicolour synths and a couple of almost euphoric trancey-house tracks.

Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus

This is immense – a hypnotic tour de force of an album. Fuck Buttons have moved away from the tinny-high-end single-chord-euphoria of 2009’s (Andy Weatherall produced) Tarot Sport to a darker, heftier sound, though no less grand in scope. And they have nailed it fantastically. It is at turns gripping, visceral, alien and magnificent. Suffice to say it has been getting a lot of play.

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