Ozric Tentacles – Fetch Me The Pongmaster (1988)

From way back in the Ozrics‘ mighty back catalogue, this might be badly in need of a remastering but it is an excellent distillation of their potential. Trippy, swirly, astral, a little goofy, but always with that something extra to elevate it above bland ‘chill out’ music. Often that’s Ed Wynne‘s stellar, virtuoso fret work, but also here a little trick to the time signature. The 31/8 is actually simpler than it sounds, being three groups of 8 and one of 7 – i.e. just a half-beat missing at the end of each four bars; just enough to give it that little glitch, a little complexity in the pattern, and refocus one’s attention on the spinning, glittering synths and guitars.