A few thoughts, not reviews as such, about albums that I bought that came out this month…

Foals – Holy Fire

I was quite excited in the build up to this, having loved Foals‘ breakthrough album, Total Life Forever, in 2010. Foals have a fluid funkiness which elevates them above common indie rock and their early ‘math-rock’ label. Total Life Forever‘s only flaw was a weak finish and unfortunately this also afflicts Holy Fire. However, in both cases the bulk of the album more than makes up for the slightly wan end. Both albums have a particularly strong beginning: Total Life Forever kicked off with the excellent Blue Blood; Holy Fire does so with Prelude, a marvellous instrumental build which they are using to open their live shows, that steamrollers straight into the powerful Inhaler. This opening salvo exhibits a visceral energy that is nicely tempered by the downright poppiness of second single My Number, which follows.

Lusine – The Waiting Room

This is electronica-tinged house music par excellence. Lusine hit upon a winning formula with 2010’s A Certain Distance that he has stuck with here. About half the tracks have vocals, but it is the instrumental opening and closing tracks that particularly shine – outstanding, spine-tingling, pure electronic music.