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March 2013

Uncommon Time: Sixes and Sevens

Midlake – Core of Nature (2010)

Midlake‘s third album, The Courage of Others (2010), is sumptuously melancholic – rich melodies and harmonies almost dripping with feelings of sadness and regret. It’s a very consistent album which makes for a satisfying experience and this song represents the whole nicely, whilst switching between six* time and seven time.

*or maybe three, but I decided I preferred to think of it in sixes, to go with the sevens – although I must say I hoped to find a better established origin of the phrase “at sixes and sevens“…


Albums Of: February

A few thoughts, not reviews as such, about albums that I bought that came out this month…

Foals – Holy Fire

I was quite excited in the build up to this, having loved Foals‘ breakthrough album, Total Life Forever, in 2010. Foals have a fluid funkiness which elevates them above common indie rock and their early ‘math-rock’ label. Total Life Forever‘s only flaw was a weak finish and unfortunately this also afflicts Holy Fire. However, in both cases the bulk of the album more than makes up for the slightly wan end. Both albums have a particularly strong beginning: Total Life Forever kicked off with the excellent Blue Blood; Holy Fire does so with Prelude, a marvellous instrumental build which they are using to open their live shows, that steamrollers straight into the powerful Inhaler. This opening salvo exhibits a visceral energy that is nicely tempered by the downright poppiness of second single My Number, which follows.

Lusine – The Waiting Room

This is electronica-tinged house music par excellence. Lusine hit upon a winning formula with 2010’s A Certain Distance that he has stuck with here. About half the tracks have vocals, but it is the instrumental opening and closing tracks that particularly shine – outstanding, spine-tingling, pure electronic music.

Uncommon Time: Six

Beach House – Take Care (2009)

The closing track from Beach House‘s majestic 2009 album, Teen Dream. They just hit upon such a magical formula for this album, which they continued with last year’s Bloom. This might be my favourite track from Teen Dream and perfectly showcases their expert layering of melodies, richly instrumented, all in 6/8.

Uncommon Time: Six

Lusine – Stratus (2013)

Bang up to date with this one! I’ve been enjoying Lusine‘s recent album, The Waiting Room, a lot and I realised that this storming number was actually in 6/4 so a perfect candidate for this column. House and techno are perhaps the genres most naturally rooted in 4/4 time so it’s great to hear something a little more … uncommon!

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