Dutch Uncles – Fester (2012)

It was hearing Dutch Uncles playing this song live at their recent album launch (Rough Trade in-store gigs – a great idea!) that gave me the idea for the Uncommon Time ‘column’. They don’t seem to have any fear of ambitious compositions or time signatures but also have a great ear for a funky riff, with a very accessible sound overall. As an ‘up and coming’ trend in music I’m all for it! The singing is a bit of an acquired taste (for me, anyway, but I am quite picky about vocalists) but everything else is hard to fault.

This track basically breaks down as three bars of 4 then one of 3 and that final missing beat is so cleverly dropped from the phrase – it’s really satisfying when you work it out and predict its (non-)arrival, but it also sounds great, too!