Spooky – Lowest Common Denominator (1996)

After Monday’s Plaid track seemed to kill interest in this series (getting one only view! Far less than that track deserves!), I’m treading on risky ground by delving even deeper into obscure electronica – however,  I have to stand by the excellence of this track, giving me a great chance to include the rare 11/4 time signature.

Introduced to me, along with many other groups, by a very good friend at school, Spooky‘s output in the mid-90s includes some of my favourite pieces of electronica/techno ever (for the record: Stereo, Oblong, Falx and, of course, today’s feature). Lowest Common Denominator, from their 1996 album Found Sound, is purely sampled pianos, piling on top of each other with Reich-ian effect.