3: Johan Agebjörn – Last Day Of Summer (2011)

This popped up on random in the car recently, and as the intro blossomed into the full song, I thought “ah, they don’t make them like this any more” … before realizing that, actually, yes they do – ‘they’ made this only last year.  This is the sort of neon-coloured, ecstatic disco-pop track that we were supposed to have left behind in the 80s. Turns out there’s still room for more, as long as the songs are as brilliantly written and produced as this. It even gets away with a barnstorming synth solo. Majestic!

NB – this YouTube video is of the rather clumsily-edited ‘Official Video’ version – the album version unfolds in a far less abrupt fashion, but I couldn’t find it on YouTube…