Top 5 Tracks Of The Year

There are rules here. I’m not allowing any tracks off my top 10 albums but I am allowing things that weren’t released this year, as long as I acquired them in the last 12 months. The basic idea is that these are songs that stood out and were listened to more often as a result.

So, again – in no particular order:

1: Todd Terje – Swing Star Pt. 1

From the It’s The Arps EP, which would definitely be my EP Of The Year, if I had a category for such things. Oh look, I just created it! I think the idea was that Norwegian Todd would use only vintage synthesizers to make the four tracks. The narrow palette seems to focus his attention on the song-writing, or maybe he was just in a really, really good mood at the time. This can certainly cheer me up any time. Twiddly-widdly-widdly, it goes, before barreling along at a rollicking pace – the momentum is infectious and the effect is grin-inducing.