6: Holy Other – Held

Holy Other - Held

Dubstep’s a fully established mainstream genre these days, with the likes of Skrillex filling stadiums with formulaic beat-fests and ‘killer drops’ aplenty (this is actually more appositely named ‘Brostep’, and yes, that is meant to be perjorative). However, the underground still burbles along, in a quite different direction, following in pioneer Burial’s footsteps. This album by Holy Other is an excellent example. There are hardly any beats to speak of, and yet somehow it is still identifiably dubstep. He uses disembodied yet soulful bits of vocal, robbed of their original context, amidst waves of luscious synths, the leave-it-until-the-last-moment dubstep rhythm occasionally ticking time in the background. This is the sort of music that doesn’t necessarily garner high ratings when individual songs come up on random, but listened to as a whole it is thoroughly engrossing.