This is vaguely a ‘top 10’ but in no particular order except when I acquired them.

1+2: Mark Van Hoen – The Revenant Diary and Where Is The Truth (2010)

Mark Van Hoen - The Revenant Diary Mark Van Hoen - Where Is The Truth

I’d never heard of Mark Van Hoen before this year, which is weird because apparently he’s been releasing electronic music since the 90s. I actually bought five of his albums (the beauty of Amazon Marketplace and this year, of which Where Is The Truth is probably my favourite. However, it wasn’t released in 2012, whereas the also-excellent Revenant Diary was, and furthermore was the album that led me to discover MVH in the first place. His style is pretty difficult to describe, partly because it is so diverse, but it is clear that he loves SOUND, and his productions are utter treats to listen to, especially on headphones where all the detail comes pouring out. There are dark ambient bits, beaty bits, soundtrack-y bits and some female vocalists sprinkled around.